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The Story of Our Sudha Habitat Logo

The Story of Our Sudha Habitat Logo

The red leaf in our Sudha Habitat logo symbolises the "Vermilion", popularly known as "Kum-Kum". Vermilion is believed to attract the Divine Omnipresent, Omnipotent and the Omniscient entity, to eradicate the negative energy with His eternal positivity. Likewise, we aim at eradicating all the negative energies from your living spaces.

The yellow leaf in our logo symbolises the "Turmeric". Turmeric from ancient times is believed to contain bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal and healing element. We hope to eliminate all the disease causing vectors from your living space(s) and ensure that you lead a long and prosperous life.

The "House" with "Lord Ganesha" at the centre is symbolic to your home to be blessed by the Almighty for an enlightened life in the living environs that we build for you. It is believed that a supernatural element resides in the centre of our soul, and so does our soul reside in creating the right living spaces for you.

At Sudha Habitat, we make sure that we help you in re-discover excellent ambiance in your living space(s).

You See Our Promise is deeply embedded in our logo!